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General information

Nagycenk Geophysical Observatory was founded in 1956-57 and it has been operated since then by the Geodetic and Geophysical Institute of the Earth Science Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
The objective of the observatory is to record continuously the Earth's electromagnetic field of external origin. Data acquisition systems of earth current, atmospheric electricity and ionospheric observations is also operating. It has been supplemented by Schumann resonance monitoring, ionosphere sounding and a meteorologycal station for a decade.

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The observatory is situated about 10 km to E of the city Sopron and 60 km SE of Vienna, on the southern shore of lake Fertő. The observatory lies on thick conductive sediment and it is surrounded by the Fertő-Hanság National Park.

3-character IAGA code: NCK
The coordinates of the observatory:
Geographic coordinates: j =47° 38'(N)
                                              l =16° 43'(E)
                                             altitude =153.70m (magnetic house)
                                             McIllwain L =1.9